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An up to date website is a must for any business looking to get a competitive edge in today's economy, increase sales, and present itself in a professional manner. A clean, crisp, and modern website design which focuses the visitors attention on your core message and less on other "distractions" is the key to success online.

By focusing your websites layout and design on your business's unique value proposition, or "competitive advantage" you can convert website visitors to online sales, or enquiries faster and more reliably than by bombarding the visitor with too much information. Studies have proven that businesses that simply list off all of their services are less likely to convert visitors to customers than a rival website which focuses its message on two or three core services.

At Dream I.T. our "competitive advantage" is that we specialise in providing easy to use self-managed websites (also known as Content Management Systems) to small and medium sized businesses. This allows you to easily add new photos, text, news articles, blogs and products to your website on an on-going basis without the ongoing costs.

Frequently Asked Questions..

Question: I'm not sure what should go on my website..

Answer: At Dream I.T. we sit down with our clients to understand their goals and objectives for their business, and where the website fits in. We then learn about your target audience and we suggest how your website could be laid out, structured and presented to maximise your effect on your target market. We will help write the content, source suitable images, and analyse website visitors behaviour to tweak and improve the the ongoing results of your website's success.

Question: I'm not very good with computers, I wouldn't be able to update my own website.

Answer: Not to worry, updating a Dream I.T. website is as easy as booking a flight online! Dream I.T. provides step by step training and leaves you with instructional videos to refer back to after we have left. And of course, we are always available on the phone or by email to help.

Question: I haven't got time to update my website myself...

Answer: In fact, its so easy, that many of or client's actually give the task of updating the website to their sons, daughters, nieces and nephews who, as part of the Facebook generation find updating the website childsplay!

Question: I like Dream I.T. but I don't fancy updating the website myself, can you do it for me and maybe I will do it later?

Answer: Of course we will. If you like, we will happily keep your website up to date including fresh photos.

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